Shopify: How 3 Canadians Revolutionised Ecommerce

March 22, 2021
Jack Moir

Designing online e-commerce solutions has never been easier or more accessible. With the E-commerce sector experiencing a period of unprecedented growth the demand has never been higher, this is illustrated by a 219% increase in sales over a period of the last 6 years, as well as an increase in sales. In the last few years the number of companies offering their version of a complete E-commerce solution has also risen to create what has now become a highly competitive market area - companies such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, Magento, Weebly and Shopify all offer direct to consumer ecommerce site builders that claim to be targetted towards business owners and not web developers, one however sits head and shoulders above the rest.

Created in 2004 by three Canadians, Shopify has now grown into a $120B company and captured a 20% market share. As of 2019, Shopify provides over 820,000 merchants with eCommerce platforms and support. Shopify also allows merchants to integrate with EPOS and CRM systems they additionally provide their own email marketing system as an alternative to mailchimp. With all the latest online shopping techniques it is supported with excellent integration and tools allowing you to market and promote your products as part of an overall digital strategy. Integration with social channels makes selling through Facebook, Instagram simple and connected.  

The fantastic thing about Shopify is the flexibility to meet your requirements from a small straightforward e-commerce system to large multinational integrated shopping platforms even down to online tickets and booking systems.

It is securely hosted, supported by shopify themselves allowing their team to help when required. All types of payments systems easily integrate allowing the purchase of items to be an easy process. Client branding can be supported, promotions can be implemented and with the support of omnichannel communications Shopify allows the user to promote, sell and update the system simply.  

All in all, the shopify system comes in 4 different levels, this also allows you to grow with the piece of mind of a safe and secure system all integrated into your payments and their transfers.